Surgery and Hospitalisation

Pet surgery and hospitalisation with Donard Vets

With a fully equipped surgical facility we can offer treatment for your pet should it be a minor or major procedure required. We perform elective surgical procedures on a daily basis Monday-Friday and are of course available for emergency or non routine surgery when required.
We operate with the use of gaseous anaesthesia and continuously monitor your pet during and after surgery until full recovery. Our goal is to minimize stress and anxiety and maximize on comfort.  For most procedures your pet can return home on the same day as surgery.
There may be times when your pet is so unwell or has undergone major surgery and in need of a little extra attention. In these cases we recommend they are admitted to our clinic to receive continuous treatment and further observation. We fully understand that this can be a stressful thought, however if your pet needs to be hospitalised rest assured we ensure that their stay is a comfortable and stress free as possible. We pride ourselves on keeping owners fully informed of their beloved companions well being and progress, whilst being completely dedicated to providing the best care possible.

As part of our hospitalisation facilities for your pets should they need to spend any time in our clinic we are delighted to offer separate areas for dogs and cats. A separate cattery ensures a quiet space for our feline patients reducing stress and therefore increasing comfort during their stay. We also have kennels which can be observed remotely as they are monitored by CCTV so between overnight check-ups we can keep a constant eye on sick inpatients.

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