Do I need to make an appointment?
Yes, we encourage our clients to make an appointment as this minimizes your waiting time to the point that you may be seen immediately, and during the appointment you and your pet have our undivided attention. Also this helps to prevent a crowded waiting room and so reducing stress for your pet during their visit.
What if my pet is unwell outside of the consultation hours?
Whilst we aim to book the majority of our appointments during the specified consultation times we are of course available for emergencies at all times so do hesitate to contact our clinic any time you may need us.
How much will it cost?
The cost of your pet’s treatment depends on what may be required specific to your pet’s needs; all costs will be fully explained prior to any treatment. Whilst routine procedures like vaccinations, worm and flea treatments have fixed costs if your pet becomes injured or sick treatment can become more complex and costs depend on the care that they will require, for these times pet insurance can give you peace of mind that your pet can receive the best of care without the financial stress. We would recommend that you consider pet insurance.
Can you do surgery at the clinic?
Yes, we are a fully equipped clinic and carry out routine surgical procedures on a daily basis. We use gaseous anaesthesia whilst your pet is monitored by our experienced staff and also with the use of pulse oximetry and if necessary ECG.
We also have a fully equipped in house laboratory, X-ray and Ultrasound so we can cater for all your pets needs should they need.
How do I register with your practice?
This is really simple; all we need are your full contact details as the animals owner and the details of your pet. Simply contact our clinic by phone or drop in and our friendly reception staff can take your details for our computer system, it only takes a few minutes, and if you wish make an appointment you can do so then.
Do you do evening and week-end consultations?
Yes, we are open every evening until 6:30pm and on a Wednesday evening we are open until 7pm. We are also available for appointments on a Saturday morning from 9am-1pm.
Do you offer an emergency service?
Yes, we are always available for emergencies. Should you be concerned about your pet outside of our opening hours simply call the clinic on the normal telephone number and you will be diverted to our on call vet. Sometimes some advice may be sufficient until an appointment can be arranged at the earliest convenience, however if an emergency consultation is required the vet will arrange to meet you at the clinic.
When do I pay for my pets’ treatment?
We ask for payment at the time of service, we accept most credit/debit cards and cash. Unfortunately we cannot offer credit accounts.
Do I need to vaccinate my pet?
The simple answer is yes. We firmly believe that preventative measures in keeping your pet healthy and happy are always the best policy. Once your pet receives their initial vaccinations it is simply a case of keeping up to date with their annual boosters. During the vaccine consultation your pet will also receive a full clinical exam. We will send out reminders to help with this.
How often do I need to treat my pet for worms and fleas?
This depends on which product you use. It is generally acceptable to worm your pet every 3 months, however if you wish to provide protection against lungworm we recommend that you treat against worms on a monthly basis.
It is also important to provide regular treatment for fleas and ticks. Traditionally fleas were thought to be a bigger problem in the milder weather however with central heating these external parasites can survive all year round. With the increasing risks of Lyme disease as a result from tick bites so we recommend regular treatment to prevent ticks, they can be picked up when you pet is playing outside in the garden, parks, mountains or beach.