Following a consultation if necessary we offer a full range of investigative procedures and treatment.

In house laboratory

With our fully equipped in house laboratory we can perform a range of blood tests, urinalysis and analyse tissue abnormalities allowing us to retrieve prompt results. For more specialised testing we use a courier service to an external lab



This in a non painful and non invasive diagnostic tool allowing imaging of many body systems, it can also facilitate biopsy and pregnancy diagnosis. It can be of great advantage in some cases to use both x-ray and ultrasound as modes of diagnostic imaging.

Digital radiography

With brand new state of the art equipment for digital radiography we are able to achieve high resolution images helping to make an accurate diagnosis. Our system allows storage of these images to your pets file for future reference.

Electrocardiograph (ECG)

ECG is used to monitor heart rate and rhythm. It is useful in the investigation of heart disease. The use of ECG as an additional aid in the monitoring of anaesthetics can also be useful particularly in more critical cases.

Blood pressure monitoring

Blood pressure measurement is a useful tool in the investigation of a variety of disorders however it can be of particular use in our geriatric patients with underlying chronic conditions e.g. Heart/kidney disease.

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