Dental Clinic

Dental disease is now a very common problem in our companion animals; more than 80% of our companion pets over 3 years of age will have some kind of dental disorder. A build up of tartar on your pets teeth can harbour bacteria with in turn can cause a very painful infection of the gums known as gingivitis and if left untreated the result can be lose of teeth.
The Bacteria involved in gum disease can also potentially cause serious systemic disease, by entering the bloodstream this allows spread to vital organs resulting in serious heart, kidney, liver or lung disease.
We therefore believe that maintaining a healthy smile is hugely important preventative step in helping to maintain a happy and healthy pet.

Bad breath

Difficulty eating - chewing to one side or dropping food

Yellow/brown tartar on teeth

Excessive drooling

Bleeding gums - you may notice this in your pets water bowl or food

Reluctance to eat

Loose teeth

Abnormal facial selling - possibly an abscess

Pawing at mouth

Red or ulcerated gums

For advice on prevention of dental disease please contact our clinic we can advise you on regular brushing regimes, appropriate diet, etc. We are pleased to stock the Hill’s™ VetEssentials diet range, with the Adult and Mature Adult base range utilising a special dental technology this diet is clinically proven to help reduce plaque and tarter.
In cases were treatment is required we are pleased provide this service with our top of the range veterinary dental station and can offer dental radiographs when required. We can also keep accurate dental charts for your pet built in to our computerised record system for future reference.
We provide routine dental checkups as part of your pets annual vaccination, however if you have any concerns regarding the dental health of your pet please do not hesitate to contact us at the clinic for any advice and we will be happy to help.

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